The Masking Shop - Helping You Mask For Less
  Helping you Mask for Less
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The Masking Shop
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The Masking Shop - Helping You Mask For Less
Aluminium Tape & Discs
  Glass Cloth/Plasma Spray
Tape / Discs
  Green Polyester Silicone
Tape / Discs
  Kapton Silicone Tape & Discs
  Large Area Masking
  Lead Foil Tape & Discs
  Low Tack Masking Tape
  Marine Masking
  Paper Masking Tape & Discs
  Paper Masking Tape & Discs 150°C
  Paper Masking Tape & Discs 200°C
  Polyimide Silicone Tape & Discs
  Protective Clothing
  Silicone Caps & Plugs
  Silicone Rubber Repair Tape
  Spray Painting
    Lead Foil Tape

Ref Description Price Size Colour Qty Basket
LEADT-006 Lead Foil Tape £14.82 6mm x 33m Silver 1
LEADT-009 Lead Foil Tape £22.22 9mm x 33m Silver 1
LEADT-012 Lead Foil Tape £29.64 12mm x 33m Silver 1
LEADT-019 Lead Foil Tape £45.05 19mm x 33m Silver 1
LEADT-025 Lead Foil Tape £59.28 25mm x 33m Silver 1
LEADT-038 Lead Foil Tape £90.11 38mm x 33m Silver 1
LEADT-050 Lead Foil Tape £118.56 50mm x 33m Silver 1
LEADT-075 Lead Foil Tape £177.84 75mm x 33m Silver 1
LEADT-100 Lead Foil Tape £237.12 100mm x 33m Silver 1